HR professionals go back to the classroom . . .to learn about marketing

Apr 30 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Previously the domain of consumer goods marketing, HR Directors are being initiated into concept of brand management as part of a better understanding of how to successfully create and implement employer brand strategies.

In a workshops set for the 5th July, HR delegates will work through a `road map` on how HR can make the concept a reality by involving line management, marketing and internal communications people.

Given the pressures in recruiting and retaining the necessary skill levels and managing diversity, mobility, delegation, work/life balance, communications, values, behaviours and leadership the time for Employer Brand management has come not a moment too soon.

This Masterclass series is being run by consultancy, People in Business, who originally coined the phrase Employer Brand. For further information contact

For further information contact Richard Mosley of People in Business at [email protected] or on Tel: 020 7632 5914