Big bonuses again at B&Q

Mar 29 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Staff at UK DIY superstore chain B&Q are to share in a £34m bonus bonanza following a 13 per cent rise in profits to £372 million.

The average bonus for employees in the chain's 320 stores will be equivalent to about 10 per cent of their salary. This equates to roughly £845 for a ' customer adviser' and almost £3,500 for a store manager.

B&Q's staff are benefiting from big bonuses for the second year running. Last years' pay-out of £28 million gave them an extra nine per cent of their salaries.

It is company policy to offer all staff a guaranteed profit-share bonus of six per cent with the remainder based on the individual worker's salary and how well their store has done.

B&Q marketing director David Roth said: "The success of our stores, and ultimately the company as a whole is determined by the people who work here and it is only fitting that their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication is rewarded in this manner.

"I know that many of our staff have already made some special plans for their bonuses and they thoroughly deserve it."