Pregnant? You're fired

Mar 27 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

A £100,000 a year City lawyer was made redundant hours after telling her bosses she was pregnant, the Evening Standard reported on Friday.

In the latest in a series of high-profile sex discrimination cases, the Standard says that the employment tribunal heard a litany of allegations of "rampant sexism" by the law firmís "laddish" male partners as well as deep-seated sexist attitudes by the all-male partners.

She said one boss made comments about how men and women were different and how women "did not have the same work ethic or drive and ambition as men since they could go and have babies at any time - women had a 'get-out' clause."

We would have thought that law firms, more than most organisations, would be aware of the potential damage that discrimination claims could do to them!

Evening Standard | Lawyer 'told to go after revealing pregnancy'