Survey of pay across Europe

Mar 17 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) has just published 'Pay in Europe 2004'. The report covers 46 countries and sets out median hourly wages for 30 job positions in 3 company size categories at a common reference date of February 1st 2004.

Overall median hourly earnings range from 27.89 euros in Denmark to 14.08 euros in France and down to just 0.32 euros in Moldova. The biggest salary increases during the last year were in Slovakia (+11.3%), Estonia (+9.8%) and Latvia (+9.6%) whilst hourly rates went down in Portugal (-1.8%) and were virtually unchanged in Switzerland (-0.3%).

A typical middle manager working a 35-hour week in a company employing 500 people would earn a basic annual salary of 3,565 euros in Russia, compared to 43,316 euros in France and 55,929 euros in Germany.

This year's report includes four additional pay tables covering Albania, Andorra, Bosnia Herzegovina and Jersey (Channel islands). It also include details about regional pay differences within individual countries and territories.