Polo players fear EU enlargement

Mar 09 2004 by Brian Amble Print This Article

"They come to Britain in search of prosperity, taking advantage of valuable resources while depriving locals of sought-after jobs. The problem is due to get worse with enlargement of the European Union in May, which could lead to a foreign invasion, leaving some Britons sidelined and unable to compete against a cheaper workforce."

No, we are not quoting from another diatribe against the free movement of labour across the enlarged EU, but a story in the Guardian about the influx of foreign professional polo players and its effect on domestic talent.

The British Association of Professional Polo Players is concerned that many foreign players, such as those from South America, have European ancestry and are able to secure EU passports, allowing them to play without restrictions anywhere within the EU.

The Guardian adds that similar concerns have been expressed by ice hockey, football and rugby, with the Institute of Professional Sport calling on the government to examine ways of protecting emerging domestic talent without breaking EU law.

The Guardian | British polo players fear foreign invasion