It's Scrooge time again

Dec 17 2003 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Another piece of 'seasonal research' has found that a quarter of Britain's bosses are Scrooges who will not even give their staff a Christmas card this year.

The Bank of Scotland report also reckons that more than one in eight managers will not pay for gifts, drinks, parties or meals for workers over the festive season.

Nevertheless, it seems that Christmas spirit is still alive and well in many businesses. More than a third of employers claimed they planned to spend between £20 and £50 per head on staff parties or gifts, while one in eight said they would fork out over £100 per head.

The most likely places to find good cheer this year? More than a third of bosses in Yorkshire say they will stand their staff a round of drinks, while a third of London's bosses will be buying them a present.

But the Scrooge award goes to employers in Scotland and Newcastle; almost one in five said they would be giving their workers nothing.