Management Thinking

Letís ditch self-improvement and focus on effective cooperation

01 Jul 2020 | Ab Banerjee

Many popular management theories focus too heavily on the cult of the individual and giving feedback at any cost. Instead, we need to think more about collective performance and adopt a cooperation mind-set.

Leadership in a networked world: from chess master to gardener

15 Jun 2020 | Rod Collins

Command-and-control management assumes that social systems work like machines. But they donít. So in todayís networked world, leadership is less about playing chess and more about becoming a gardener.

Seven ways leaders can prepare for post-pandemic times

09 Jun 2020 | Manfred Kets De Vries

Only by avoiding knee-jerk reactions will organisations emerge from the coronavirus pandemic re-energised and prepared to face the future.

Harnessing natural intelligence

22 May 2020 | Rosie Tomkins

All change brings new opportunities. The tree that looks almost dead in the winter bursts with blossom in spring. The frozen wasteland delivers a bountiful harvest in the autumn. As business leaders, we can learn a lot from nature.

Pivots, pirouettes and silver linings

19 May 2020 | Nicola Hunt

How have companies whose business models were made obsolete overnight managed to ride out the coronavirus storm?

The importance of purpose in motivating your people

13 May 2020 | Marybeth Belka

One of the biggest lessons from the coronavirus pandemic has been that incredible feats can be accomplished when leaders share a sense of purpose.

Mission first, people always

15 Apr 2020 | Gary Burnison

During this crisis, it is people who will be the ultimate differentiator. And leading means meeting people where they are, because that's the only way to convert self-interest to shared interest.

How do you manage distributed workers?

14 Apr 2020 | Rod Collins

As many managers are now discovering, traditional management isnít designed for a remote workforce. Instead, we need to make a rapid shift from centralized command-and-control structures into highly adaptive distributed networks.

Scenario planning: the time is now

06 Apr 2020 | James M. Kerr

As business leaders try to figure out how to stay afloat, it's important not to confuse scenario planning with business continuity planning. The two are not the same.

Leveraging the gift of crisis

03 Apr 2020 | Christos Tsolkas

The unforeseen arrival of the coronavirus means that all the rules of business have suddenly changed. Preparing for eventualities that were once unthinkable demands radical innovation - and in that sense, at least, a crisis can be a gift.

How businesses act in the face of adversity will shape their future

02 Apr 2020 | Jane Rexworthy

How organisations behave towards their stakeholders - their staff, their customers and the communities within which they operate - during the coronavirus crisis will not be forgotten after the pandemic is over.

Managing in the Wiki World

09 Mar 2020 | Rod Collins

With the rapid emergence of the Digital Age, top-down, command-and-control management has had its day. Instead, today's organisations need to leverage collective intelligence and shared understanding.

Improve strategic alignment through better metrics

04 Mar 2020 | James M. Kerr

People pay attention to what theyíre measured by. So the best way to get a behavior change is to measure to the new behavior intended to be instituted.

Seven characteristics of remarkable businesses

21 Feb 2020 | Andy Hanselman

What makes a business remarkable? What gets people talking about it and recommending it to others? The simple answer is that they are dramatically and demonstrably different.

Thereís nothing soft about the heart

12 Feb 2020 | Wayne Turmel

Every animal depends on its heart for its existence. And exactly the same is true of an organization, except that rather than a multi-chambered muscle, an organization relies on leadership, managers and flows of information.

It's not what you know, it's how fast you learn

05 Feb 2020 | Rod Collins

The secret to market success in a rapidly-changing world has less to do with what you know and much more to do with how fast you learn.

You may be a workplace hero without realising it

21 Jan 2020 | Nadav Klein

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, whether in life or in the workplace. But they all have one thing in common: they donít see themselves as heroes.

Is paranoia widespread in your firm? You're not alone

14 Jan 2020 | Manfred Kets De Vries

Trust is a rare commodity in most workplaces. Yet high-trust organisations are more productive, have higher morale and perform better financially. So what can management do to build a more trusting culture?

The future of work is creative collaboration

10 Jan 2020 | Eugene Hughes

Innovation is very rarely the result of individual genius. Instead, the biggest breakthroughs occur when networks of people with a collective vision join up and share ideas. Thatís why as the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, creative collaborators will be kings.

The true purpose of a business

07 Jan 2020 | Rod Collins

The conventional belief that the purpose of a company is to generate profits is being challenged by the growing realization that profits are the reward for fulfilling the true purpose of a business and not the purpose itself.