Interim Management

U.S. firms turn to interims to protect full-time workers

19 Sep 2006 | Nic Paton

More and more U.S companies are employing temporary professionals to help protect the jobs of their full-time workforce.

Women should become an interim if they want to get to the top

10 Aug 2006 | Nic Paton

As new research highlights the success of women in interim management, ambitious female executives are being advised to give interim management a try if they want to get to the top of their profession.

Women becoming new face of interim management

15 Jun 2006 | Nic Paton

Traditionally considered a lucrative refuge for older, mostly male executives, interim management is in fact fast becoming the career of choice for female executives, according to a new study.

Skills of interim managers are wasted

20 Apr 2006 | Nic Paton

Companies spend a fortune hiring and keeping interim managers, but then fail to make the most of them once they have them on board, UK research has suggested.

Bosses prefer to hire interims themselves

20 Mar 2006 | Nic Paton

Top executives, rather than HR or recruitment specialists, tend to hire the majority of interim managers for their organisations, according to new research.

Digital divide in online recruitment

20 Jan 2004 | Brian Amble

Despite growing signs that employers are turning away from online recruitment, new figures suggest that the number of people using the web to look for a job has almost doubled since 2000.

The risks of hiring mercenaries

01 Apr 2003 | Helen Vandevelde

Auditors topped the unpopularity league 10 years ago. Today the targets of venom are management consultants and interim managers. So why do public-sector chiefs bring these tainted people into their organisations?

Interim sector ready for growth spurt

09 Jul 2002 | Martin O'Rourke

The interim management sector is ready for a major growth spurt over the next decade as it looks set to take on an ever-increasing role in UK business.

Plugging the gap

09 Jul 2002 | Martin O'Rourke

The growing role of interim management in the UK economy was highlighted at an impressive seminar this morning (July 9) at the CBI.