Graduate jobs market worst for a decade

27 May 2009 | Nic Paton

Final year students and graduates should enjoy their last few weeks of college life while they can. Because finding a job this summer is going to be very, very hard.

Surviving the graduate jobs drought

16 Feb 2009 | Nic Paton

For final-year college students on both sides of the Atlantic it's little more than four to five months until final exams. But with jobs becoming increasingly scarce, what are they going to do next?

Why it's good graduates muck about on mobiles

20 Nov 2008 | Nic Paton

Graduates in Western economies may seem umbilically attached to their mobiles and social networks, but they risk being overtaken by even more technologically savvy students from emerging economies.

Gen Y gets a recession reality check

23 Oct 2008 | Nic Paton

Work-life balance is another casualty of the downturn, with college graduates reporting being pushed to work harder, come in earlier and stay later.

Tough times ahead for US graduates

08 Sep 2008 | Nic Paton

After years of expecting to waltz into their ideal career, nearly three quarters of American graduates are now seriously worried about their chances of landing a job at all when they leave college.

Your degree may be the last thing that gets you a job

29 Jul 2008 | Nic Paton

Employers are less concerned about how well graduates performed academically than how they get on with colleagues and how well they communicate.

American graduates facing jobs scramble

12 Jun 2008 | Nic Paton

With the employment market looking tougher by the day, nearly half of American students graduating from college this summer expect to have to fight tooth and nail to land a job.

How to make a success of post-college job hunting

30 May 2008 | Brian Amble

In the latest podcast for graduate job-seekers from workplace engagement specialists, Best Companies, Wayne Turmel talks to Paul Farrer, Chairman of the Graduate Recruitment Company, about the possibilities and pitfalls around applying for that all-important first post-university job.

Surviving your first graduate job

20 May 2008 | Brian Amble

But finding that first graduate job is only the beginning. The next challenge is to make that job a success Ė those vital first 100 days. So what are the things new employees can do to help - or hinder - their careers just as they are getting started? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Vital advice for graduates

12 May 2008 | Brian Amble

Nothing is more important to the new graduate than finding that first position and using it as a launching pad for a fulfilling professional life. With all the changes taking place in business, finding a company that offers opportunities for ongoing development is crucial.

How to land that graduate job

06 May 2008 | Brian Amble

Fewer than half of all new Graduates last two years at their first job out of college. So how can you ensure you find an employer that is a good fit with your personal and professional objectives?

Generation Y still wants it all

15 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

More than two-thirds of college graduates are worried about how the state of the economy will affect their chances of landing a job. Not that that's going to stop them demanding the earth from employers.

The kids are all right

03 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

The Generation Y of up-and-coming workers are all too readily dismissed as spoilt, demanding slackers. But, as a survey suggests they are in fact just as hard working and hungry to succeed as their parents, is it just generational sour grapes?

Generation Y are unmotivated slackers

31 Jan 2008 | Nic Paton

They're ambitious, green, technologically savvy and flexible. But the Generation Y workforce is also over-confident, unrealistic, self-centred and demanding.

2008 looks set to be grim for graduates

02 Jan 2008 | Derek Torres

Finishing university in the UK and looking to enter the job market? Perhaps you may just want to go back to bed if the answer to that question is 'yes'.

Economic upsurge hits Japanese recruitment

18 Oct 2007 | Derek Torres

The recovery of the Japanese economy means more and better opportunities for students entering the workforce.

Sliding loyalty causes retention headaches

25 Sep 2007 | Brian Amble

Look around the average workplace and it's a sobering thought that the proportion of employees who are uncommitted and likely to leave within two years outnumbers those who are truly loyal.

Time to join the intern crowd

15 Aug 2007 | Brian Amble

Six out of 10 U.S. hiring managers looking for college students to fill internship positions and if they play their cards right, many of these are likely to be offered a permanent job.

Help me in my graduate job-search

10 Aug 2007 | Carl Gilleard

Despite graduating from a top-10 UK university, Seb has yet to land a graduate job and is worried that his strategy is flawed. Carl Gilleard, boss of the Association of Graduate Recruiters, has some valuable advice.

Rise of the graduate brat

10 Jul 2007 | Nic Paton

Faced with an ageing workforce, British employers are falling over themselves to woo new graduates. But in the process, they risk creating a generation of demanding, poorly behaved, job-seeking brats.