Financial Services

Cultivating conversational intelligence

15 Sep 2014 | Dawna Jones

We’ve all heard of emotional intelligence, but what about conversational intelligence? How can leaders use conversation to activate higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy and good judgment?

The curse of short term thinking

18 Jul 2012 | Dawna Jones

Dawna talks to Professor Ken Starkey from Nottingham University Business School about why we are still stuck in a short term mindset and what role business schools can play to restore 'humanomics'.

Another withdrawal from the Trust Bank

06 Jul 2012 | Bob Selden

Once upon a time, bankers were respected pillars of the community. Not any more. And a major reason for their vilification is that they have forgotten that trust is a learnable and measurable skill that makes organisations more profitable, people more promotable, and relationships more energizing.

Reinventing the financial system

27 Jun 2011 | Dawna Jones

In this special episode of the Evolutionary Provocateur, Dawna Jones talks to Bernard Lietaer, former central-banker and author of "The Future of Money", about the root causes of financial instability and what practical steps businesses can take to insure against it.

Acting local, thinking global

06 Jun 2011 | Dawna Jones

In part two of her interview with ecopreneur Kemp Edwards, Dawna Jones explores whether using sustainability as a strategy is about being ethical or a recognition that nature's principles apply to business.

Women shunning finance careers

16 May 2011 | Brian Amble

The number of women between the ages of 20 and 34 working in the US finance industry fell by some 20 per cent between 2001 and 2010 according to an analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So no-one is indispensible?

10 Nov 2010 | Brian Amble

Modern organisations, we're often told, are complex networks of knowledge, relationships and stakeholders. The organization is far larger than any one person – and so no-one is indispensible. Really?

How capitalism was tested beyond its limits

09 Mar 2010 | Robert Heller

Capitalism has been tested beyond its limits by completely false and inherently risky assumptions. Globalisation transpired to be a trap and a delusion. What looked like a dead cert for the world economy became a sure nightmare.

Ten lessons to learn from the crisis

02 Feb 2010 | Paul Strebel

As the the financial crisis recedes, it is clear that the structure of big bank boards and the behaviour of their directors must change if we are going to prevent similar disasters unfolding in the future. In particular, there are ten key governance lessons that need to be absorbed.

Exodus of women could reinforce banking glass ceiling

15 Apr 2009 | Nic Paton

The recession could reverse the progress made by big banks in the past few years in bringing women into senior positions - because women themselves are using the downturn to step off the corporate treadmill.

Time to put the risk gene back in the bottle?

11 Feb 2009 | Nic Paton

As excuses for failure go, 'it wasn't me, it's genetic' probably won't get the world's bankers very far, such is the rage felt towards them right now. But there may be an element of truth in it.

What happened to technology in financial management strategy?

19 Nov 2008 | Robert Heller

Since the very beginning of the IT Age, Wall Street boasted more technology and processing power than any other sector. So what happened to it? Why did it fail to stop the meltdown?

Accountancy glass ceiling as thick as ever

22 May 2008 | Nic Paton

A background in accountancy is one of the best launch pads there is for getting to the top in business. The problem is that it is still a profession largely closed to women at senior level.

How can I get them to take some notice?

19 Oct 2007 | Andy Hanselman

Mike's job in a financial institution is to handle complaints about miss-selling – and he's worried by the number of unhappy customers who contact him every day. But his bosses won't face up to the problem. Andy Hanselman offers some advice.

China faces shortage of finance pros

10 Oct 2007 | Derek Torres

China is facing increasing difficulty as its financial system moves to a more market-oriented style. Surprisingly, it's not necessarily government bureaucracy that is posing these problems, but decades of Chinese higher-education that hasn't taught finance degrees.

Will market turbulence put paid to my flexibility?

26 Sep 2007 | Cali Williams Yost

Working from home one day a week has transformed Peter's life. But could economic jitters put paid to his company's support for flexibility – and what can he do to prevent this?

Pensions double whammy for British workers

13 Sep 2007 | Nic Paton

Bad management of defined contribution pensions by British employers risks leaving workers 70 per cent worse off in retirement than they should be.

India feels the talent squeeze

29 May 2007 | Nic Paton

Despite being blessed with one of the world's biggest labour pools, Indian financial services businesses are struggling to find graduates with the right management and people skills.

Male accountants slam female-friendly policies

12 Feb 2007 | Brian Amble

Nine out of 10 male accountants believe they have been adversely affected by attempts to create a better environment for women and many say women are being promoted when they do not deserve to be.

Thumbs down for serial job hoppers

08 Nov 2006 | Brian Amble

With one in five employees quitting within the first two years of starting a new job, a study has found that serial job hoppers could find themselves bounced out of consideration for future opportunities.