Sustainable energy and the city of the future

06 Apr 2015 | Samuel Weil

Burlington, Vermont is the first U.S. city to generate all of its electricity needs through renewable sources. But in future, every city will have to take seriously the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable energy.

Eight out of 10 companies concerned about climate change

12 Sep 2012 | Brian Amble

Eight out of 10 major companies believe that their operations could be put at risk by climate change, with more than a third now perceiving climate risks as a real and present danger.

Where green projects go to die

06 Aug 2012 | Gareth Kane

More than nine out of 10 Chief Executives now view sustainability as being important to their company's future success. But that sentiment doesn't seem to be shared by middle managers.

Lies, damn lies and CSR

25 Nov 2011 | Brian Amble

Much of the environmental reporting data released by some of the world's biggest companies is either incomplete, inaccurate or deliberately distorted, according to a report by researchers from the UK and France.

A sustainable acceleration

03 Oct 2011 | Philip Whiteley

The 'old normal' assumed that companies existed solely for profit and commercial success had to come with human or environmental victims. But now these cynical beliefs are being replaced by a new understanding of the importance of collaboration and sustainability.

Don't preach the green agenda

05 Aug 2011 | Gareth Kane

People who take environmental issues seriously have an unfortunate tendency to come across as rather over-zealous. It's a fatal mistake that will put many people off. Instead, if you want to get a green message across, your mantra ought to be 'ask, don't tell'.

A new perspective on nature and manufacturing

13 Jul 2011 | Andrew Sibley

We hear a lot of talk about 'greener' industry, but what does this actually mean in practice? If companies really are becoming more sustainable, what is it they are actually doing? Here's how one manufacturer has decided to go beyond eco-efficiency to adopt a new theory of eco-effectiveness.

Sustainability hits the boardroom

04 Jul 2011 | Gareth Kane

Ten years ago, environmental issues in business were essentially about compliance. Then we moved into environmental management. But now, sustainability is fast becoming a strategic boardroom priority. But why?

The green folding stuff

26 Apr 2011 | Gareth Kane

It's all very well claiming to be committed to green initiatives, but how are you going to finance them? If you claim to be committed to something, you have to allocate resources or your claim is just hot air. Or to put it simply, no money = no commitment.

Environmental claims are just so much hot air

25 Mar 2011 | Brian Amble

The overwhelming majority of consumers in the UK view corporate claims of environmental responsibility as nothing more than spin and 'greenwash', new research has revealed.

Green business: the HR angle

04 Feb 2011 | Gareth Kane

If a business is really serious about being environmentally responsible, it has to taking the environment out of the environmental manager's office and embed it in the DNA of the organisation and that includes the HR department.

Unilever unveils sustainability strategy

16 Nov 2010 | Brian Amble

Unilever the second-biggest producer of consumer goods in the world, has unveiled a new business model that puts sustainability at the heart of its global operations.

Seven habits of successful green business leaders

29 Oct 2010 | Gareth Kane

As Kermit the Frog once lamented, it ain't easy being green. That's especially true if you're the CEO of a company that is trying to transform itself into a greener business. So here's a quick primer on the key habits the modern green business leader needs to learn.

Where are the green business leaders?

23 Sep 2010 | Gareth Kane

All the good management in the world isn't going to deliver green business. To do that, we need to take 'green' out of the environmental manager's office and embed it into the DNA of the organisation. And that takes real leadership.

Engage your staff in environmental issues

24 Aug 2010 | Gareth Kane

We waste a huge amount of energy at work. And I'm not talking about sitting in pointless meetings, I mean heat, light and power. So how can you get employees thinking about green issues and changing their behaviour?

A mandate for change

15 Jul 2010 | John Blackwell

Economic instability, uncertain energy supplies and climate change will leave organisations no choice but to reform their archaic working practices. But far from being a burden, this offers a unique opportunity to overcome corporate inertia and dismantle the barriers to transforming work.

Environmental and sustainability claims are just so much hot air

15 Jun 2010 | Brian Amble

Beware of corporations keen to trumpet their sustainability and environmental credentials. Because as a new report spells out, most of what companies claim isn't backed up by any independent oversight.

Winning through the winds of climate change

09 Dec 2009 | Michael Yaziji

Like it or not, climate change will be transformative for many industries and will affect nearly all businesses. But as with any trend, those who see it, get ahead of it and shape it will be the winners.

The role of the environment in the new normal

20 Aug 2009 | Ruth Spellman

Making green management 'business as usual' is a key challenge facing every manager today. But managers need the support of those at the top of organisations because unless the support is top-down, initiatives are unlikely to succeed.

Rashomon at work

28 Jul 2009 | Wayne Turmel

When I talk to managers about how they manage their remote employees, it quickly becomes clear that no-one sees the challenges in the same way. Some raise issues around communication and trust, others are more worried about those who are still office bound.