How successful start-up teams allocate roles

03 Mar 2016 | Bala Vissa

A start-upís success depends heavily on who does what within the founding team. And the most successful allocate positions based on prior work experience as well as how co-founders fit into the social context around them.

10 mistakes entrepreneurs make

04 Dec 2014 | MJ Gottlieb

Telling an entrepreneur what to do or how to run their business is an exercise in futility. But pointing out the mistakes of others so that they know what NOT to do is a different matter entirely.

Slow burn beats big bang

01 Oct 2014 | Brian Amble

New business ventures that start out life as part-time projects and grow slowly while their founders hold down another job are significantly less likely to fail than those that are launched from the outset as full-time enterprises, new research has found.

Doing something different does not mean giving up

08 Jan 2013 | Andrew R Miller

If you're experiencing, or anticipating, business struggles in 2013, think about the options available to. How can you adapt? There are always options open to you, regardless of what you think the situation is.

Before you wing it, count the costs

03 May 2012 | Dan Bobinski

The biggest mistakes in business are usually made when leaders react instead of act. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs simply try to 'wing it' 24/7, and although they may be getting by, they usually aren't thriving.

Angel investors are back

13 Apr 2011 | Brian Amble

Angel investors have made a cautious return to the US venture capital arena, new figures have revealed, with 2010 seeing a 14 per cent increase in investment dollars following a contraction during 2008 and 2009.

Two ways to restart the economy

20 Nov 2010 | Dan Bobinski

I recently heard someone say that a true American does not want a free ride, he wants to sail his own boat. I find that statement to be overwhelmingly true, but as far as running a business is concerned, how much sailing can one do when so many obstacles fill the waters?

The business planning conundrum

02 Sep 2010 | John Mullins

Planning is important, but results are what count. Traditional business plans are designed to attract an investor, not to answer the critical question: will my idea work or not? So why is so much effort expended in writing them before there's any real evidence to support their assertions?

Investing in troubled times

06 Jan 2010 | Brian Amble

Here's an interesting insight from the tail end of last year. According to Babson College Associate Professor, Joel M. Shulman, in these troubled times, one of the few sensible pieces of investment advice is to bet on entrepreneurs.

Dan's recommended reads for 2009

02 Dec 2009 | Dan Bobinski

It's time once again for my 'end-of-year list of recommended reads.' These are books that have stood out to me as practical and useful. As always, it is a diverse list and I guarantee that valuable 'golden nuggets' can be found in each of them.

Entrepreneurs buck the economy

24 Nov 2009 | Brian Amble

Despite the economic turmoil, entrepreneurial activity in the US actually increased in 2008 compared to 2007, although new ventures tend to be smaller and the risks of failure greater.

Is the down economy inspiring your entrepreneurial drive?

13 Aug 2009 | Dan Bobinski

When unemployment rises, the truth starts to ring home: All jobs are temporary and people can be let go at any moment. With neither the government nor corporate America looking out for your interests, perhaps it's time to make things happen on their own.

UK plc driving out talented women

12 Aug 2009 | Barry Wade

Why are so many women in the UK turning their backs on conventional 9-5 jobs to go it alone? Perhaps that's a question more companies should start asking themselves.

Time for entrepreneurs to step to the fore

22 Apr 2009 | John Blackwell

During difficult economic times, uncertainty presents a wealth of opportunities to be exploited by entrepreneurs. But without government support and a willing to consider genuine help for start-ups, much of this potential will go to waste.

Entrepreneurs need an exit strategy

25 Sep 2008 | Nic Paton

Most entrepreneurs are so focused on getting their business established and then surviving that they completely forget about planning how they will eventually move on from it.

Wanted: risk-takers for the next decade

14 Jul 2008 | Nic Paton

Entrepreneurial individuals are often branded as risk takers and mistrusted by major employers. But their imagination and creativity is exactly what modern businesses need.

Is your work an obligation or an opportunity?

03 Jul 2008 | Dan Bobinski

People tend to see work either as an obligation, overbearing, or an opportunity. And if you want to take the opportunity to rise above the mundane and 'make a difference', try thinking like an entrepreneur.

Business strategy in the age of opportunity

06 Jun 2008 | Robert Heller

Opportunity always knocks. And adversity is the mother of opportunity. When the economic picture looks grim, there exist an increasing number of chances for generating bright new success.

Female entrepreneurs have it tougher than men

02 May 2008 | Nic Paton

It's hard enough for women to climb the corporate ladder, but female entrepreneurs also suffer from a gender gap when it comes to owning and starting up their own businesses.

Knowledge economy managers ruling the world

02 Apr 2008 | Nic Paton

Britain is becoming a global leader of the 'knowledge economy', a business world created, staffed and led by highly-educated, technologically-savvy managers.