Employer Brand

Start with why

08 May 2012 | Dawna Jones

Great companies inspire customers to come to them. As Dawna discusses in this month's interview with Simon Sinek, they can do this because they started with "why".

Becoming an employer of choice

15 Jan 2010 | Brian Amble

A couple of weeks ago, Wayne Turmel spoke to Joyce Gioia, President of The Herman Group, for our last podcast of 2009, about the ways your organization can become an employer of choice in 21010 Ė and why, despite the recession, this matters. Knowing just how quickly most New Year's resolutions get forgotten, here's a reminder of her salient points.

Why helping your redundant workers is the right thing to do

26 Aug 2008 | Nic Paton

Supporting redundant workers through outplacement services is not just morally right, its a highly effective way of retaining and motivating those left behind.

Green credentials can boost employee loyalty

22 Jul 2008 | Nic Paton

With rising fuel prices hitting workers' wallets, an employer's green credentials are becoming an increasingly important retention tool as well as something nice to have from a brand perspective.

If they like the brand, they'll join you

18 Jul 2008 | Nic Paton

Even for senior managers, a company's reputation is almost as important as the amount of money they are offering when it comes to deciding whether or not to accept a job.

Poor interviewers driving away talent

09 Aug 2007 | Brian Amble

Many organizations are fatally undermining their recruitment and retention efforts because inept or downright rude interviewers are making a negative first impression with job seekers.

Job seekers give thumbs-down to lazy employers

09 Mar 2007 | Brian Amble

For all the talk about the importance of employer brands and the difficulty in attracting talented staff, the depressing reality is that a quarter of job seekers believe that they have been badly treated by a prospective employer.

Younger workers benefit from departure of Baby Boomers

28 Sep 2006 | Nic Paton

Short-sighted hiring practices are meaning that U.S companies are shooting themselves in the feet when it comes to attracting talented staff.

Culture and reputation count more than money in war for talent

31 Aug 2006 | Nic Paton

A company's reputation and its workplace culture are more important than pay and benefits when it comes to attracting top talent, new research has suggested.

Bad recruitment methods alienate graduates

11 Aug 2006 | Nic Paton

Almost a quarter of British graduates hunting for jobs have walked away from potential employer because they had been put off by the organisation's behaviour during the recruitment process.

Surviving Generation-Y

28 Jul 2006 | Brian Amble

If you really want prepare your organisation to deal with the havoc that the newest generation of workers is causing in offices across the globe, try taking your leadership team and the HR Director shopping.

Avoiding the stress of Generation Why

28 Jul 2006 | Neil Cassie

Companies are just beginning to wake up to the havoc that the newest generation of workers is causing in offices across the globe. And adapt they must, because it is they who will dominate the workforce for the next 70 years or so.

Not bad for a McJob?

08 Jun 2006 | Brian Amble

As a new study is published suggesting that working at McDonald's has a positive impact on the development of young people, the fast food giant is also using the iconic location of Piccadilly Circus in London to promote itself as a good employer.

Rude, aggressive, bad mannered: welcome to the modern workplace

15 May 2006 | Nic Paton

British workplaces are becoming infested with aggressive, rude, bullying behaviour at all levels, a new study has suggested.

UK employers failing to take complaints seriously

12 May 2006 | Nic Paton

Private and public sector organisations in Britain are failing to keep pace with their customers' complaints, at a time when the volume of complaints and sense of urgency are rising sharply.

Finding an organisation worth working for

05 May 2006 | Patricia Soldati

Hidden behind the endless talk of organisational values are profit-driven, high-pressure labour camps trading paychecks - and diminishing perks Ė for your soul. All of which means that uncovering a company's corporate culture is a critical task for today's job searcher. As important as the job itself.

Employers need to woo green talent

04 Apr 2006 | Nic Paton

Being able to show you have green credentials is becoming increasingly important for employers looking to become a destination of choice for today's job-seekers, new research has suggested.

Being the best is a journey, not a destination

07 Mar 2006 | Nic Paton

As UK Businesses battle it out for the title of Best Employer, the message is that benefits, policies and mission statements mean very little if organisations don't create an authentic atmosphere of trust and communication.

Staff give retailers the thumbs down

15 Feb 2006 | Brian Amble

Retailers looking for answers as to why holiday sales were not as high as expected this Christmas might want to look at their management styles and ask themselves why so many of their staff give their companies the thumbs down as places to work.

Employee welfare and the economic cycle

26 Jan 2006 | Philip Whiteley

The immediate outlook for job-seekers may not be the only casualty following the recent, somewhat surprising nudge upwards in the unemployment figures in the UK. It could also be that the priorities for motivation and the 'employer brand' take a knock.