Keeping your seat at the table: an interview with Nori Jabba

18 Oct 2023 | Management-Issues

If you are a woman over 40 and feel that you can't land a job despite your experience and qualifications, this interview with author Nori Jabba, author of "Keeping your seat at the table", is for you.

Keeping your seat at the table

11 Sep 2023 | Management-Issues

If you are a woman over 40 and feel that you can't land a job despite your experience and qualifications, this interview with author Nori Jabba is for you.

Your wardrobe and your work

04 Aug 2017 | Management-Issues

How far can employers in the UK go when it comes to telling women what they can and canít - or should - wear at work?

Racist comments, Facebook rants and cultural intelligence

14 Aug 2015 | David Livermore

What should you do when you run up against friends, family members, colleagues or clients who make little effort to engage with others with any degree of cultural intelligence?

Half of women report harassment at work

02 Apr 2014 | Brian Amble

Half of women claim they have experienced bullying or harassment at work over the past three years, according to a survey of 25,000 women, with much of this harassment coming from other women. And the problem extends right up to board level.

Hiding who you really are damages productivity

09 Oct 2013 | Brian Amble

Hiding fundamental truths about yourself at work Ė such as your sexual orientation Ė also affects the basic mental, physical and interpersonal skills you need to do your job, new research suggests.

Mentoring gap keeping women and minorities out of corporate elite

20 Sep 2013 | Brian Amble

The numbers of women and people from racial minorities serving on America's corporate boards may have increased over the past decade, but the influential elite holding multiple board positions remains a white, male closed-shop. New research explores why.

More diversity, more religious conflict

16 Sep 2013 | Brian Amble

Diversity is a fact of life in the American workplace. Half of American workers now come into contact with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds when they are at work, and with this increased rate of interaction comes an increased risk of religious conflict.

Women in finance still paid less than men

22 May 2012 | Brian Amble

Women working in financial services in the UK earned some 20 per cent less on average than men in 2011, according to research from eFinancialCareers.

Does political correctness help or hinder?

21 May 2010 | David Livermore

Does political correctness promote inclusion and diversity? Or does it stop us from having honest, frank interactions with others because we're walking on egg shells to avoid causing offence?

Ad for 'reliable' workers deemed discriminatory

27 Jan 2010 | Brian Amble

A government-run jobcentre in the UK refused to display an advert for a 'reliable worker' because the phrase discriminated against unreliable applicants. No, you really couldn't make it up.

Lessons from the velvet hammer

15 Jan 2010 | JulieAnn Derby

How can women survive and thrive in a male-dominated IT environment? As far as many men are concerned, women have no place in IT and their competence is automatically suspect. But with an understanding of the issues and the ways to get round them, women can beat this engrained sexism.

Your hiring practices say much about you

11 Jan 2010 | Dan Bobinski

Merit ought to be the only reason for hiring or not hiring someone. If, as a company, you want to look good, you've got to be good. That starts with how you decide who to hire - and not substituting misguided notions of perceived fairness for true fairness.

Groundhog Day

24 Sep 2009 | Derek Torres

Every time I read about women getting fired when they get pregnant, I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. It's like we're stuck in 1959 and it keeps repeating, repeating, repeating

Empathy and advancement

07 Aug 2009 | Derek Torres

Apparently white executives have a hard time empathizing with colleagues who are a different race because they can't bring themselves to view them as they view white junior executives - who often remind them of themselves or their children.

Women held back in the workplace at all levels

01 May 2009 | Nic Paton

New research argues that even in the best-intentioned organisations, women get less access to mentoring, fast-track development and international postings than their male colleagues.

The changing face of racism?

18 Feb 2009 | Derek Torres

Is racism in the workplace less of an issue today than it was twenty or thirty years ago? To be perfectly blunt about, I'm not sure that any white male is capable of answering that question.

Keep your religion to yourself

17 Feb 2009 | Derek Torres

There's a place for every person in the workplace, but there doesn't necessarily need to be a place for any religion.

No sympathy for smokers

04 Feb 2009 | Derek Torres

Smokers, it seems, feel like they're once again getting the short end of the stick. And Massachusetts is one place where it is fine to not hire people who smoke.

Fair pay?

19 Jan 2009 | Derek Torres

If you're to believe the Miami Herald, fair pay legislation is bad news for companies that are already struggling in an unfriendly business climate (read: recession).