Demographics & Ageism

Passing on the skill of ageing

15 Mar 2018 | Janet Howd

Western societies need a new attitude towards ageing. Because if we continue to sideline and box-in people after their so-called retirement, the cost of containment will bankrupt us all.

Old dogs, new ideas

25 Sep 2017 | Duane Dike

It's no surprise that beginners learn quickly. But the idea that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is terribly wrong. The age of that old dog does not determine his or her ability to learn.

A time for every season

24 May 2017 | Duane Dike

In too many organizations, older workers get written off ‘village idiots’. But that’s a big mistake - after all these are the people who know its history, remember how things used to be and know what works and what doesn’t.

Teaching young'uns about tech

01 Feb 2016 | Wayne Turmel

We often hear that ‘older' workers won’t adopt new tech while younger ones are 'digital natives'. But it isn’t that simple. There’s plenty that us ‘oldies’ can teach the young'uns about the efficient use of technology at work.

Even millennials need middle managers

04 Jan 2016 | Quy Huy

Middle managers could take the lead in a changing corporate world, but only if they recognise that their primary value is emotional, not functional.

Learning from millennials: four lessons from life afloat

11 Jun 2015 | John Girard

I recently sailed around the world with about 600 college students. As a baby boomer, it was an illuminating experience, not least because I discovered that most of the stereotypes my generation has about millennials are simply not true.

The myth of the social-savvy job seeker

23 Dec 2013 | Brian Amble

Despite all the stereotypes about Gen Y's technological savvy, a new study has found that many of these 'digital natives' are ignorant or even sceptical about the usefulness and desirability of using social media to enhance their job search experience.

Older workers just as productive as younger colleagues

09 Sep 2013 | Brian Amble

The common stereotype that older workers are less productive and committed than their younger colleagues is a complete myth, new research has found.

How to stop Millennials wrecking your business

09 Sep 2013 | Monica Seeley

We're always hearing that Millennials are tech savvy. And so they are, as long as that tech involves Texting, Tweeting, Liking, and Tumbling. But what about email etiquette? Or using Outlook? The fact is, few have much experience of the day-to-day communication methods business takes for granted.

Millenials lack analysis skills

29 Aug 2013 | Brian Amble

Millenials have been accused of being lazy, self-absorbed and self-centered. But the latest accusation to be thrown in their direction is that many of them lack analytical skills when compared with other generations in the workplace.

Flexibility trumps financial rewards

22 Apr 2013 | Brian Amble

The millennial generation are less interested in how much a job pays than they are in having workplace flexibility and a sensible work-life balance, a new study has found.

Imagineering the future of work

05 Mar 2012 | Wayne Turmel

The way you and your team work today is probably very different to how you imagined it just a couple of years ago. But what about the next 10 years?

Generation Y: teach the teacher?

06 Dec 2011 | Emma Murray

How relevant are traditional methods of teaching to today's technology-obsessed youngsters? And what – if anything – are schools and universities doing to help 'design the future'?

The Gen Y myth

07 Oct 2011 | Brian Amble

We frequently hear that companies are going to have to make big changes to accommodate the disruptive ways of Gen Y. But as a new report reveals, much of the perceived wisdom about Gen Y simply nonsense.

The generation trap

11 Aug 2011 | Emma Murray

Generation X has a lot to worry about. Job insecurity, lack of support by the state and meagre pensions, to name but a few. And as the economic crisis drags on, it is stripping away any lingering sense of security and replacing it with a sense of fear which, for some, is all-encompassing.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

09 May 2011 | Karsten Jonsen

Many generations have said 'today's young people only think of themselves,' but this time around it may be true. So is 'Generation Me' a real phenomenon – and if it is, what are the implications for business and society?

Gen Y and the 2020 organization

17 Jan 2011 | James M. Kerr

In less than a decade from now, Gen Y will be firmly entrenched within the management layers of most large corporations. But what this will mean for organizations and what changes will Gen Y bring with them as they begin to steer the ship?

The value of older workers

14 Apr 2010 | Janet Howd

Whatever approach an organisation takes to embrace its older employees, there is no escaping the fact that this must be done. The demographic time bomb is still ticking away in the background and there is no sign of a boost in birth rates defusing it any time soon.

The missing trainees

31 Mar 2010 | Jorgen Thorsell

Are far as most mature workers are concerned, formal training programmes are a big turn-off. So how can organisations overcome training fatigue and offer staff in their mid-forties and beyond training and development that meets their real needs?

Presenting work to best advantage.

22 Mar 2010 | Janet Howd

A common complaint these days is that new entrants into the workforce don't want to put any effort into learning new skills. Nonsense. The real problem is that mangers are unable to tap into their obvious and zealous work ethic.