Career Development

Can you work from home and still have a career?

21 Mar 2022 | Wayne Turmel

Everyone knows that if you work from home once everyone else returns to the office, you've obviously decided your career doesn't matter. Right?

The 'dark side' resume

27 Jan 2016 | John C. Read

In the five centuries since the resume was invented, it is unlikely that any have been written to showcase a person's weaknesses. But crafting a dark side resume can be very illuminating. Just don't show it to anyone else!

Why work profiles should replace job titles

19 Aug 2015 | Jurgen Appelo

Work profiles are the perfect replacement for traditional job descriptions because they encourage organizations to grow work around people, instead of force-fitting people into narrow job roles.

Career planning 101: what I wish I'd known then

06 Jul 2015 | Duane Dike

The career advice I received when I was young was pretty unimaginative. What I wish I’d been told then is what I try to tell young people now. Make plans, but don’t box yourselves in. Be adventurous. Experiment. Think outwardly - and don’t be afraid take gambles.

Bypassing your boss

31 Mar 2015 | Cindy Wahler

Getting held back by your boss is a dilemma many talented people face. So how can you advance your own career if you work for a boss with a big ego who may even see you as a threat?

Big data the hot skill for 2015

05 Nov 2014 | Brian Amble

Specialists in big data, cyber-security and corporate governance will not be short of job offers in 2015 and beyond according to the latest annual ‘hot jobs’ predictions produced by executive search firm, CTPartners.

Education, baristas and employee turnover

08 Sep 2014 | Duane Dike

The decision by Starbucks to help employees to complete a college degree is genius on many levels. The offer alone represents hope for a way out of the no-hope fast-food job cycle. But even if employees don't take up the offer, I'd wager morale, workmanship and turnover rates will all improve, too.

Avoiding the perils of an accidental leader

25 Jul 2014 | Graham Jones

Many people get promoted to leadership roles because they are good at what they do but soon find themselves out of their depth. But an accidental leader need not be an accident waiting to happen if they can be equipped with some of the skills of ‘real’ leadership.

How to survive a promotion

29 May 2014 | Dawn Sillett

So you've been promoted. Well done. But there are no guarantees that you will succeed in your new role. So what are the secrets to surviving - and thriving - after a promotion?

What your boss will never tell you

21 May 2014 | Cindy Wahler

So you've been promoted. Congratulations. But be aware that succeeding in your new role and staying on the fast track depends on you demonstrating something that isn't in your job description and won't ever be explicitly mentioned.

The right sort of travel can boost your career

14 Apr 2014 | David Livermore

As we know, travel broadens the mind. And according to a new study, adapting to and learning about new cultures can also boost your job prospects But it's important to note that not all travel experiences are created equal!

The 'road not taken' resume

25 Mar 2014 | John C. Read

A resume is supposed to be a perfect sales document, a record of our abilities and achievements. But there's much to be gained by trying to craft an entirely different sort of resume – one that explores what we decided not to do, rather than what we did.

Hot jobs for 2014

16 Dec 2013 | Brian Amble

What are the hot jobs that are likely to be in demand in 2014 and beyond? If one thing is certain, its that executives with skills in big data and analytics are among those who will find employers queuing up for their services.

It's who you are, not who you know

18 Nov 2013 | Brian Amble

LinkedIn addicts look away now. Because a new study has found that personality is a consistently stronger predictor of performance and career success than having a large and influential social network.

American executives lack global leadership skills

06 Sep 2013 | Brian Amble

For all the talk about the importance of global businesses and global leadership, many North American executives reach their mid-40s without any experience of working outside their home country - in stark contrast to their well-travelled colleagues in Europe and Asia.

To work is to act

04 Feb 2013 | Janet Howd

Today's jobs market is more uncertain than ever, with periods of unemployment and underemployment set to become commonplace. So perhaps we need to learn a thing or two from a group of people for whom this is the norm – actors.

What is your true calling?

08 Oct 2012 | Dan Bobinski

What were you meant to do with your life? What is your passion? Are you currently working in your true vocation? If not, perhaps you would benefit from taking time to rethink your core reason for being.

Another one bites the dust

28 Jun 2012 | Dan Bobinski

Too many organizations take valuable employees and set them up to bite the dust. How? Because they don't have a clear-cut plan for equipping newly-promoted employees with the skills they need to succeed in their positions.

Women: to get ahead, get a sponsor

21 Jun 2012 | Brian Amble

It isn't a lack of flexible working or childcare that is stopping women from making it to the top of British organisations. The real reason women are not breaking into leadership positions is a lack of sponsors.

Developing a virtual presence

29 Dec 2011 | Wayne Turmel

Remote workers need a way to build presence. But how do you find ways to get in front of influencers in your organization when you don't have the option of regular physical interaction.