Business Education

Encouraging change in business schools

09 Oct 2015 | Dawna Jones

What happens when business schools are less progressive than the companies hiring their graduates? The Global Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) aims to close that gap.

Modernizing the MBA

11 Mar 2015 | Dawna Jones

Dawna Jones talks to systems change specialist, Al Blixt, about the forces that work against innovation in higher education and how business schools can better prepare students for an increasingly unpredictable world.

Data science goes online

18 Jul 2013 | Brian Amble

With the explosion in 'big data' and demand for data scientists rocketing, the University of California at Berkeley has launched a new Master's degree in data science that will be delivered to students entirely on-line Ė but at a considerable cost.

The curse of short term thinking

18 Jul 2012 | Dawna Jones

Dawna talks to Professor Ken Starkey from Nottingham University Business School about why we are still stuck in a short term mindset and what role business schools can play to restore 'humanomics'.

Tweet you way to an MBA

08 Jul 2011 | Brian Amble

If you're something of a dab hand with the pithy 140-character Tweet and fancy a helping hand to study for an MBA, the University of Iowa has just the thing for you.

Business school illusions

23 Dec 2009 | Les Worrall

In the 1990s, 'managers' capitalism' replaced 'owners' capitalism' as executive power and pay spiralled out of control. And as academics pandered to the demands of businesses and universities milked the MBA cash cow, academic rigour, critical thinking and intellectual diversity were all sacrificed to mammon.

Business schools say it's not all about profit

04 Dec 2009 | Brian Amble

Stung by criticism that their curriculums are too narrowly focused on the gospel of shareholder value, new research suggests that business schools are rethinking what they teach.

Ebenezer Scrooge and the zero sum myth

04 Nov 2009 | Philip Whiteley

Could it be that in Ebenezer Scrooge one can identify the genesis of the MBA? After all, both share an obsession with accountancy and the belief that employee welfare matters only to the employee and is a net cost to the business.

The MBA oath: a new era of responsibility?

09 Jul 2009 | Nic Paton

From small beginnings, an oath encouraging MBA graduates to behave ethically has now been taken up by students at some 25 business schools. But in later life, will their good intentions quickly be forgotten?

Is the MBA losing its value?

09 Apr 2009 | Nic Paton

Studying for an MBA may seem attractive right now, especially if your job is wobbling. But with so many managers rushing back to business school, will having an MBA really make much of a difference?

An MBA no use for women?

27 Feb 2009 | Nic Paton

The MBA has long cherished its reputation for helping ambitious high-flyers get on the career fast-track. But according to new research, that's only true if those high-flyers happen to be men.

MBA graduates spurn tainted jobs

17 Jan 2008 | Nic Paton

Traditional manufacturing industries are out, so are emerging markets. When it comes to deciding where to work, MBA graduates are increasingly choosy.

Am I ready for an MBA?

22 Oct 2007 | Alan Jessop

Satish is keen to study for an MBA but isn't sure what interviewers are looking for in an applicant. Durham Business School's Dr Alan Jessop has some practical advice.

An MBA is not enough

16 Apr 2007 | Brian Amble

Studying for an MBA may give high-flyers the sort of strong general education they need as launch pad for their careers, but it is far from being an instant ticket into a top executive job.

Business turns to reluctant gurus

30 Oct 2006 | Brian Amble

US business schools and corporations are turning to the teachings of Hindu gurus and the wisdom of Lord Krishna for guidance. But can there ever be a meeting of the minds between those with a spiritual and those with a material target?

Obsession with leadership undermining organisations

23 Oct 2006 | Brian Amble

Controversial management Professor Henry Mintzberg has launched a broadside at his own colleagues in management education with a robust denunciation of the current obsession that business schools seem to have with teaching 'leadership'.

Soaring demand pushes MBA salaries to record high

18 Sep 2006 | Brian Amble

With demand for MBA graduates rising by a quarter this year in both the US and Western European job markets, average bases salaries are approaching $100,000 with big bonuses to go with them.

U.S firms embrace medical MBAs in bid to cut health costs

21 Jun 2006 | Nic Paton

Rising healthcare costs in the U.S and elsewhere are prompting growing numbers of American companies to hire graduates with joint medical diploma and MBA qualifications.

Soft skills help MBAs stand out from the crowd

06 Apr 2006 | Nic Paton

Business schools are increasingly offering 'soft skills' training in leadership, management and communication to MBA graduates to give them something to differentiate themselves from the competing pack.

Internships the key to MBAs getting a job

05 Apr 2006 | Nic Paton

Doing an internship alongside or after an MBA appears to be the key to landing a job offer, according to a new U.S study.