The Top Performers Guide to Change

Change avoiders like me can feel a certain, well, shame regarding how much we hate and avoid change. It's our dirty little secret that we like to hide from.

One of the most powerful things the writers do in this book is dispel that shame right in the first chapter. By describing people as Homesteaders on one end of the change continuum and Pioneers on the other (with everyone else in between), they affirm the value and contributions of both types.

I think of this book as a pocket field guide - when you're in an unfamiliar environment, it helps you identify the flora and fauna, and how you should respond.

The Top Performers Guide to Change helps you develop a level of self-awareness critical to understanding your own natural response and how to modify it to be more effective.

Having read this book, I feel better equipped to respond to change with less bewilderment and more confidence - but I'll keep it within easy reach. The Top Performers Guide to Change is definitely not a book to keep on your shelf, collecting dust.

Ida Madera, SPHR - creator of "The New Job Search:Getting Started"