Mine's Bigger Than Yours

So small is the new big? From mobile phones to Smart cars the 'less is more' phrase is ringing out. But in an age where the best is often found in the smallest size, large egos are rampant, and even encouraged, in the business world.

Workers everywhere are concerned with maintaining their image and a reputation they can be proud of, from the new intern to the CEO. But if left unchecked, overpowering egos can not only damage working relationships but also drastically hamper the prospects of your organisation.

Mine's Bigger Than Yours challenges workers to take a good look at the egos at work in their companies from the colleague you tolerate to the warning signs in your own behaviour.

Helping you to recognise and control your own ego whilst managing other people's, Mine's Bigger Than Yours reveals how ego-free leadership can help businesses to flourish. Packed full of useful exercises and real-life stories, this book will help you to create authentic working environments based on self-awareness and self-esteem.