Trust Unwrapped

Trust Unwrapped is a story about integrity, trust and chocolate, a rather unusual formula. It differs from most business manuals in being more fun to read and more concise.

Ther book uses the time-honoured medium of story telling to put across a message which should strike a chord in most of us, regardless of what business we come from.

This is Dan Collins' first book. He co-authored with David Thompson, author of Career Helium, and they have produced a must-have read for all those concerned with the current events and wondering whatever happened to life as we knew it.

Collins started his career with a global engineering company. In 1991 he founded Fresh Tracks a business training and motivational company, which, through a combination of innovative training events and consultancy has helped businesses in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, banking and housing to create better workplaces.

Collins was prompted to write a book following his years running Fresh Tracks and noticing how well teams performed when there was trust as opposed to the lack of team spirit when trust was lacking.

This is a book written for our era. It captures, in its easy-to-read format, the essence of what major corporations through to financial institutions, seem to have forgotten - trust. How to create it, how to generate it, how to engender it, how to spread it. Without trust companies loose customers, without trust leaders loose their teams.

Collins' style is light, the story of an ambitious young woman who looses everything she has worked hard for through lack of integrity and who then rebuilds her life, is engaging. Running parrallel with the main story are anecdotes, referenced facts and news items which illustrate and support the core message of the book.

It may seem like a simple truth, but it is a very powerful one and this book gives us a sense of what has basically gone so wrong with the world economy and what needs to be addressed in order to go forward and rebuild.