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I have a big presentation coming up very soon to a very large audience. I have a real fear presenting anyway but to such a large audience I'm filled with dread. Do you have any quick tips that might help?

Sarah, Canada

Lesley Everett's Answer:

You're not alone with your fear! However getting confident with presenting is something for you to focus on and get great at – it helps you to gain greater exposure, respect and project your personal brand more.

Without being able to coach you face-to-face I can offer you a few quick pointers:

1. Work out what your key message is for the presentation. Then make sure you only include information that supports the key message – This will give you confidence that you're being absolutely clear with your message and not including too much info. Less is more.

2. Having done the above, you'll reinforce to yourself that you know more about this subject than the audience do, and that you've focused the content specifically to get a clear message across.

3. Get some feedback on your voice – making sure that you have clarity and modulation in the voice will give you extra gravitas and presence. Most presenters don't think about the impact in their voice and focus too much on content.

4. Think about your non-verbal message – dress appropriately and get feedback. This will give you added confidence.

5. Above all, be authentic. If you try too hard or look uncomfortable up0 there your audience won't buy in you and will also feel uncomfortable. Try to be the same up there as you are 1-to-1.

It is also well worth reading Janet Howd's tips on presentations here on the site - as she says, its all about training and rehearsal.


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Lesley Everett
Lesley Everett

Lesley Everett is a personal branding specialist and author of "Walking TALL – key steps to total image impact". An executive impact coach, she helps individuals to increase their gravitas in the workplace with a clear and congruent personal brand.

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Before presentation, always tell yourself positive things, like l am going to do it, and make myself proud. Telling yourself this things well help instole positive energy that will carry you when you are presenting .