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Women view 'corporate game' with disdain

Fat salaries, fast cars and "playing the corporate game" are of little or no interest to ambitious senior business women. What they look for are companies with an inclusive culture.

Women squeezed out of organisational life

The battle to break through the glass ceiling into the boardroom leaves many women negative, worn down and disillusioned that they are not being used to their full potential.

Female brain-drain "a myth"

The "hidden brain-drain" of women opting out of the U.S. workforce to spend more time with their kids is a myth, a new report has claimed. Instead, the real reason for the decline in the number of working women is the overall weakness of the labour market.

Why do women in business sell themselves short?

Even professional women with discretion over the amount they charge for their work tend to ask for less than men. But while this might suggest that they are doing themselves a disservice, new research suggests that the opposite may be true.

Women do best in women-led companies

A new study has found that women executives in the U.S. working in women-led firms earn between 15 and 20 per cent more in total compensation than women working in other firms.

Women less prepared to sacrifice everything to reach the top

It isn't discrimination that is stopping women getting into the boardroom, a new survey has suggested. They just aren't prepared to make the sacrifices needed to get there.

    Rules of the game for corporate women

    Why do so many women struggle with "being political"? They possess all the skills they need to succeed in the political arena – but all too often, no-one has taught them the rules of the game. So here's a crash course in how to play the game without becoming a man in a skirt.

    A new blueprint for business

    The current recession offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shift the dynamic of the workplace from one that is inherently masculine to one where there is a more balanced collaboration of the masculine and the feminine within us all.

Help & Advice

A political dilemma

As the only woman on a board of directors, Helen feels a strong aversion to socialising with her colleagues on golfing days and wine-tasting sessions. But as Mary-Louise Angoujard explains, this is all about organisational politics, not gender.

The wrong background?

Mary has recently been promoted into a senior role within an all-male technical team. But with a background in sales, her colleagues seem to have little respect for her opinions and criticize her for a lack of technical knowledge. What can she do?

I want a life, too!

Amy doesn't yet have children, but she still wants a life. But why is all the focus on work-life balance always just about mothers? Why can't organizations realize that non-parents have work-life challenges, too?

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