The mortar in a project's wall

20 Jan 2017 | Wayne Turmel

What holds a wall together is the mortar between the bricks. And what holds a project together is the effective, clear and proactive communication between individuals.

Dealing with a space invader

18 Jan 2017 | John McLachlan

We all know them. They’re the space invaders, the people who waste your time at work, ignore your boundaries and make you feel uncomfortable. But how do you spot one - and how do you deal with them?

Meaning what we say?

09 Jan 2017 | Janet Howd

An unintended consequence of the aftermath of the deregulation of the financial markets in the late 1980s was the deregulation of once-powerful words that has stripped them of much of their impact.

Five remote team new year's resolutions

01 Jan 2017 | Wayne Turmel

The new year is a great time to ask some fundamental questions about how your project team works together and what needs to change. So here are five "new year's resolutions" you should at least consider for your remote team.

Your voice and your identity

08 Dec 2016 | Janet Howd

Technology has made it possible to identify anyone by their unique voice pattern within about three seconds. That has some interesting implications - for good and for ill.

You can't take the practice out of presenting

25 Oct 2016 | Janet Howd

Our fear of giving a presentation often means we perform well below par. But running a marathon scares people too, yet those who try it usually perform well. Why should that be?

North America's accent problem

04 Oct 2016 | Wayne Turmel

As a Canadian who spends a lot of time on international conference calls and webinars, it's impossible not to notice that almost everyone can deal with foreign accents except (North) Americans.

Five ways to present like an Olympian

23 Aug 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Being right is no guarantee of success when trying to sway others. When putting information across to others, you need to be clear, organized, appealing, in control and deliver in ways that boost your credibility.

Interconnectedness: a blessing or a curse?

12 Aug 2016 | Janet Howd

For a species that is often belligerent and territorial, it isn't surprising that human beings are finding the sudden interconnectedness brought about by technology sometimes difficult to handle.

Taking the terror out of talking

08 Jul 2016 | Janet Howd

Apple’s new Breathe app is designed to help reduce stress through deep breathing. But breathing is also critical to taking the terror out of speaking or presenting in public.

How much do you waste on email?

08 Jul 2016 | Wayne Turmel

How much time does the average employee spend on email each day? You’d think that’s a simple question, demanding a simple answer. But it’s not.

Too much information, too little communication

06 Jul 2016 | Craig Smith

Half the human brain is dedicated to attaching meaning to visual images. So doesn’t it make sense to use more visualisation to cut down on today’s endemic information overload?

The art of speaking well

29 Jun 2016 | Michael Jones

In times of crisis, fear and uncertainty, we need to pay attention to the art of speaking well and remember that when used carelessly, words can easily transform a community into a mob.

A whole new ballgame?

19 May 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Adopting teleworking or distributed teams might seem like a whole new ball game. In fact, it’s the same game, but played on a slightly different field. WHAT managers do doesn’t really change. HOW they do it is where the difference lies.

The 'golden suggestion' for managers

28 Apr 2016 | Wayne Turmel

The old saying “do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you” Is fine advice. But when it comes to management, this golden rule is flawed. Let me explain why it doesn’t stack up.

The cost of bad meetings

21 Mar 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Bad meetings cost companies billions of dollars every year. But this waste is easily avoidable if only we'd all ask ourselves a couple of basic questions and think a little more about how and why we have meetings.

Five reasons remote teams fail

29 Feb 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Leading a remote team isn’t that different to leading a co-located one. But we do have to re-think how we do certain things. Here are five ways you can get that wrong.

By their words you shall know them

22 Feb 2016 | Janet Howd

'Mis-speaking’ is an impossibility because words that go against the grain of your own beliefs just don't enter your head. Which leads me to think about the meaning behind the words of one Donald Trump.

Code is easier than people

16 Feb 2016 | Wayne Turmel

Going from being a ‘doer’ to being a manager isn’t easy. Experts are seldom aware of how they achieve their level of excellence. But managing others demands interpersonal and communication skills that need to be worked on.

Vital lessons from an eight year old

20 Jan 2016 | Wayne Turmel

The most important business lesson I ever learned, I learned at eight years old. And it’s something that is as relevant to all of us today as it was to me as a kid back then.