Workplace Bullying


Aggressive managers get ahead faster

Aggressive managers who blame others when things go wrong are more likely to get promoted than managers who feel guilty and accept responsibility for failure.

Kissing up, kicking down

Kowtowing to bullies is both morally and pragmatically wrong, as the pitiful decisions made by "kiss up, kick down" managers keep proving again, and again, and again.

Beware the corporate psycho

Have you ever secretly thought that a colleague – or even your boss – behaves like a psychopath? Well you may well be right.

Violence at work has reached epidemic levels

Violence at work, ranging from bullying to sexual harassment and even murder, has reached epidemic levels in some countries, according to a new report by the International Labour Organisation.

Employers failing to deal with bullies

Bullies use a wide range of subtle tactics and behaviour to intimidate colleagues at work, but victims' torment is being made worse by endless rounds of organisational change as well as ineffective action by employers.

Intimidation and bullying stopping women managers in their tracks

A macho environment of bullying and harassment is stopping women progress within the British workplace, according to a study by equal opportunities group Opportunity Now.

    Help me confront my bullying boss

    Anita's CEO is an arrogant bully who makes life for most of her staff a living hell. Staff turonover is sky high, yet no-one seems able or willing to deal with her. So short of quitting herself, is there anything Anita can do?

    Workplace bullying: a global overview

    Workplace bullying is a global problem affecting all professions and sectors. This overview examines the range of legislation already in place to address bullying as well as laws we can expect to see enacted in the near future.

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