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Survivors guilt

Bryan Alaspa | 22 December 2008

A good friend or former co-worker has suddenly found himself or herself out of a job. What do you say? It's almost as difficult as speaking to someone who has experienced a death in the family.

Cut in haste, repent at leisure

Nic Paton | 17 December 2008

Before cutting jobs, take a deep breath and consider whether this is really the answer to your woes, or whether it simply create even more problems down the line.

How to manage redundancy survivors

Nic Paton | 11 November 2008

Reducing your workforce is never a pleasant task. But failing to take account of the needs of those left behind can turn an already difficult situation into a disaster.

Thoughts from Old Europe

Derek Torres | 10 October 2008

Now is really not a good time to be working in the US or the UK. I have to say, returning to what Americans like to refer to as 'Old Europe' (namely France) may have been my best move in recent memory Ė even if people around me doubted it for a time.

Layoffs: the warning signs

Bryan Alaspa | 02 September 2008

In the current climate, rumors regarding 'down-sizing' and layoffs are bound to spread. But what are the signs that the layoffs may really be coming?

Why helping your redundant workers is the right thing to do

Nic Paton | 26 August 2008

Supporting redundant workers through outplacement services is not just morally right, its a highly effective way of retaining and motivating those left behind.

Job losses coming to a desk near you

Nic Paton | 09 July 2008

Job losses are starting to accelerate as the credit crunch, soaring prices and economic downturn move off the financial pages and start to become a reality.

Redundancies rise among managers

Nic Paton | 21 May 2008

First the good news Ė senior British managers have seen their earning power increase dramatically this year. The bad news is they are also more likely to be out of a job.

Finance officers taking axe to budgets and jobs

Nic Paton | 01 April 2008

Fewer than a fifth of American chief financial officers are optimistic the U.S will escape a recession, and the deepening downturn is prompting them to cut back on spending and hiring and start laying workers off.

U.S workers fear for their jobs as Indian salaries boom

Nic Paton | 22 February 2008

As Indian workers are toasting record pay rises, their counterparts in America are bracing themselves for a wave of job cuts.

Better to jump than to be pushed

Brian Amble | 13 June 2007

Workers who choose to take voluntary redundancy from their jobs are less depressed and are more motivated to find a new job than those who loose their job involuntarily.

Downsizing a threat to mental health

Brian Amble | 18 January 2007

Staff who survive a round of corporate downsizing run a significantly increased risk of suffering mental health problems because of the increase workload they face once colleagues have left.

Laid-off Americans find new jobs more quickly

Brian Amble | 13 September 2006

Americans who have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs during the first half of the year can are likely to have have found new jobs more quickly than in each of the past two years.

Redundancy can double risk of heart attack or stroke

Nic Paton | 21 June 2006

Losing a job later in life more than doubles the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, according to research from Yale University.

Lay-offs have become norm of American working life

Nic Paton | 23 May 2006

Americans have accepted corporate layoffs as the norm, in the process creating a society of unstable, temporary workers, a new book has argued.

Job security a worry in world's key economies

Nic Paton | 11 May 2006

Workers within some of the world's key economic powerhouses are the most worried about losing their jobs, according to new research.

Mixed message on jobs for sacked Peugeot workers

Nic Paton | 21 April 2006

The 2,300 British workers being made redundant by car maker Peugeot Citroen are getting conflicting signals on what the future will hold for them in terms of employment.

Firing someone 'as stressful as being fired'

Nic Paton | 13 January 2006

Sacking an employee can be a hugely stressful experience for the boss doing the firing as much as for the employee, with managers often suffering sleepless nights as a result, a survey has found.

Get ahead of the corporate curve (ball)

Patricia Soldati | 09 January 2006

Business life is full of stresses and none carries a bigger whammy than being laid off. Downsized. Rightsized. Restructured. It doesn't matter what it's called - it's all the same sting if you are on the receiving end of the pink slip.

Happy New Year, you're fired

Nic Paton | 16 December 2005

It will be anything but a happy New Year for many U.S workers, with more than a quarter of businesses saying they plan to lay workers off and even more intending to do so without providing any severance pay, a new study has said.

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