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Business strategy in the age of opportunity

Robert Heller | 06 June 2008

Opportunity always knocks. And adversity is the mother of opportunity. When the economic picture looks grim, there exist an increasing number of chances for generating bright new success.

Female entrepreneurs have it tougher than men

Nic Paton | 02 May 2008

It's hard enough for women to climb the corporate ladder, but female entrepreneurs also suffer from a gender gap when it comes to owning and starting up their own businesses.

Knowledge economy managers ruling the world

Nic Paton | 02 April 2008

Britain is becoming a global leader of the 'knowledge economy', a business world created, staffed and led by highly-educated, technologically-savvy managers.

Goldman funds business education for third-world women

Nic Paton | 06 March 2008

A multi-million dollar initiative by a U.S. bank is set to preach the virtues of good management and business skills to women in developing nations.

Big help available for small businesses

Dan Bobinski | 11 February 2008

You opened your business with less than $35,000 operating capital. You have less than five employees. Some say you are crazy. I say people like you are the backbone of the country. And the good news is that there is plenty of help out there for you.

Entrepreneurs need to think globally

Nic Paton | 18 January 2008

You may have thought up your brilliant business idea in the shed, but don't think you can succeed by keeping it there. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who think globally.

Senior startups worth billions to Britain

Brian Amble | 31 October 2007

One in every six of all new businesses in the UK are founded by people aged over 50 and together they contribute 24bn annually to the British economy.

So you want to be a millionaire?

Bryan Alaspa | 24 October 2007

Studies have shown that the majority of college students on business courses believe they will eventually become millionaires. In fact, a good number of them think they will reach that mark before they reach the age of thirty.

Entrepreneurs and gender

Brian Amble | 26 September 2007

What effect (if any) does gender have on entrepreneurship or the performance of new business ventures? That's the question Erin Kepler and Scott Shane set out to answer in a report for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Don't start a business by the seat of your pants

Dan Bobinski | 23 July 2007

If you try to start a business by the seat of your pants, chances are you're going to lose your shirt. But with so much information out there to help, any budding entrepreneur ought to be able to start and grow a successful, profitable enterprise.

The new generation of entrepreneurs

Nic Paton | 19 July 2007

A generation of thrusting young entrepreneurs from emerging economies are snapping at the heels of today's stuffy Western business leaders who need to be careful that they don't get left behind.

London to become global knowledge hub

Nic Paton | 07 June 2007

Watch out America. Within eight years London will be rivalling New York, Silicon Valley and Hollywood as the world's hub for, respectively, finance, internet-based start-ups and digital special effects.

Someone else's dream

Bryan Alaspa | 07 June 2007

The average worker is supposed to find a job, dedicate themselves to it, and slowly, inexorably climb up the corporate ladder, right? Well, twenty years ago, perhaps, but not any more.

Entrepreneurial spirit grows among seniors

Dan Bobinski | 06 June 2007

More older people than ever are starting their own businesses. But why should this be a surprise? After all, 70 is the new 50 - and nothing beats the wisdom forged by experience.

Small business: take advantage of advisors

Dan Bobinski | 19 March 2007

Many entrepreneurs have a passion for their products, not a background in business. So startups can give themselves a better chance of surviving if they create a board of advisors to provide regular, outside perspectives on internal and external situations.

The rise of the female entrepreneur

Nic Paton | 06 March 2007

Women around the world are increasingly likely to set up their own businesses but tend to be less optimistic about their chances and more cautious than men in the way that they go about it.

Winners and losers

Brian Amble | 01 March 2007

Social networking isn't just important when it comes to landing a job. According to researchers from MIT's Sloan School of Management, the breadth of executives' networks with colleagues at other firms plays a crucial role in deciding which tech start-ups will live or die.

An unhealthy obsession

Brian Amble | 09 February 2007

If affordable, transferable, health insurance existed in America, the number of people currently sheltering in traditional corporations who decided to set up on their own would be far, far higher.

Entrepreneur's golden farewell

Brian Amble | 28 November 2006

He is notorious as the hard-driven entrepreneur who once banned staff from using e-mail because it reduced productivity, but John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of UK mobile phone retailer Phones4U looks like being remembered by many of his staff for a rather different parting shot.

U.S. immigration policy discourages foreign-born entrepreneurs

Brian Amble | 24 November 2006

As a new report highlights the enormous contribution made to the U.S. economy by immigrant entrepreneurs, fears are growing about the long-term effects of restrictive immigration policies.

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