How to make a success of post-college job hunting

May 30 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

In the latest podcast for graduate job-seekers from workplace engagement specialists, Best Companies, Wayne Turmel talks to Paul Farrer, Chairman of the Graduate Recruitment Company, about the possibilities and pitfalls around applying for that all-important first post-university job.

The key, he says, is to create a positive first impression. Understand that job-hunting is a process that must be planned for. If you've identified the organisations and roles you want to apply for, make sure customise your application to that job rather than firing off a generic application.

The most common mistake graduates make, Paul says, is not knowing their own CV. Oh, and leave your mother at home.

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My advice on that first real job: 1. Don't worry about the salary. 2. Don't worry about the prospects for promotion. 3. Do focus on the experience, what you can learn and who you will work with. My first 3 jobs were all with exciting companies that are now defunct (in the UK and USA), but the experience has enabled me to launch my own business and live comfortably in my favorite location in the whole world.

Mike L. Australia